IT and Social Media law

With digital media and technology now an integral part of business life for many, our clients are seeking to exploit the opportunities presented in the electronic business world.

In order to deal with current issues in this area, we can help with matters such as:

-          Drafting website documents (such as terms and conditions of use, disclaimers, privacy policies, etc)

-          Advising on and drafting IT related contracts (such as those with web developers, escrow

           agreements, etc)

Social media law is a very hot topic. It is a new and fast growing area of development for the law and business generally  As such, businesses need to take care to ensure that they have protection in place for their interests in this emerging environment.

Whether it is necessary to set guidelines for employees who are authorised to use social media for business purposes, or if documentation is required to prevent employees from posting comments which you would rather weren't posted, we can help by:

-          Advising on the use of social media in business

-          Checking existing contracts of employment in respect of relevant clauses

-          Drafting appropriate documents and policies