About us

We are legal consultants helping clients whose businesses are located throughout the United Kingdom. By using technology and modern methods of communication we aren't limited geographically.

Our advice is given by Daniel Gardener, a non-practising solicitor who qualified more than 14 years ago.  Daniel's extensive experience covers general commercial, employment and corporate law. These are the areas which Think Tank specialises in.

Shortly after qualifying, Daniel became a partner in a large regional law firm. After successfully growing the corporate/commercial department of that firm from scratch, Daniel decided to set up his own firm of solicitors specialising in commercial and corporate law. This firm grew successfully undertaking many corporate transactions for clients. Shortly after starting up, it opened a second office to expand its practice areas.

Daniel's profile and information about his experience and expertise can be found at   

With changes to the legal services framework, Daniel realised that there was an opportunity to offer the highest quality legal advice and assistance in a better, more cost effective way than the traditional business model of a firm of solicitors would allow.

Think Tank was set up in 2012 with a clear plan. By working as non-practising solicitors (but remaining on the Law Society’s Roll), we can ensure that our clients benefit from partner-level experience and legal advice, at a reasonable price.

Unlike traditional law firms, we only charge for what is required and what we actually do. We don’t have groups of unnecessary people involved in work, we don't round up our time in fixed units of time and we do give our clients a full breakdown of every single minute we spend working on their behalf. This transparent way of charging saves our clients significant amounts of money and gives them the confidence in our service to maintain a long-term relationship with us.

We also offer clients a retainer service where we are on hand to give advice and assistance for a fixed amount of time each month at an agreed monthly payment. Clients find this particularly useful as they enjoy beneficial rates for the agreed monthly time, as well as having the peace of mind of knowing that an adviser that knows them and their business is ready to help.